Semtek - four Dubs ep [don't be afraid]

Release date: 17th March

Don't Be Afraid head honcho Semtek steps up for his first release on the label since 2011’s Pizza 12″, though the artist has since released the Bad Teeth 12″ on London’s Niche N Bump label in 2015.The four track release is a fine return to production for Bristol-based Semtek.  

The accompanying press release notes "he imagines a borrowed nostalgia for the early morning haze of New York clubs like Red Zone, The World and Zanzibar with a contemporary twist." The theme is fitting given the deep grooving baselines and ethereal melodies punctuating each track.  

Whilst each song has a relaxed, laid back tone, the powerful baselines means all four are perfect for the dance floor.

The Four Dubs EP goes further to cement Don't Be Afraid as one of the hottest labels in the UK, following last month's release of "It's Good To Be Differ-Ent" from DJ Bone's alias Differ-Ent.

Rating: 7.5/10