Release date: 29th September

This week we’re taking a look at Several Definitions new album, Reborn after the Road. The Swiss artist has already showcased his talent with releases on Knee Deep in Sound and Selador. Now returning with his first feature length album, the expectations are certainly high for this up and comer who sees the the LP released on Oliver Koletzki’s Stil Vor Talent.

The album itself is highly accomplished; well put together collection of tracks, that transitions between calm and melancholic to upbeat and frantic. The artists proficiency at creating melody using synths is apparent through every song, whatever the mood of the track. According to the artist the album is a cathartic process conjuring atmospheres reminiscent of different phases in life which goes a long way to explain the shifting moods throughout.

Given the LP is produced with the aid of field and live recordings, it is perhaps unsurprising that parts of it have echoes of a David August release, especially in the first few tracks. However, the album crescendos to a more upbeat vibe whilst maintaining the darker melancholic overtones.

My only gripes with the album itself are the vocals on a couple tracks which don’t do justice to the high level of production displayed by the artist within those songs. However, that said, they don’t detract entirely away from the quality of the beats themselves.

By far the masterpiece for me is the beautifully crafted Pontecard 32 with its glancing atmospheric synths, its calm demenour and subtle bass keys. The tune builds beautifully from start to finish, continuously adding layers though never feeling overly congested. 

Rating: 7.5/10