Release Date: 30th June

This week we’re taking a look at Kodomo’s new seven track EP, his first multi-track release since 2014’s Patterns and Light.  As a reviewer, I’ve always been fairly biased in that I tend to choose to write up the releases I enjoy most and ignore those I am not as keen on. As a Kodomo fan, this review is no exception and I was very excited to get a chance to listen to Divider prior to its release. Having given it a fair few listens now, I’m convinced this is Kodomo’s best work since 2008’s “Still Life.”

Whilst Divider has tunes reminiscent of all of his prior work, this is certainly Kodomo’s most ambient release. The EP feels well-structured and ordered and despite its fairly eclectic nature it segues seamlessly from song to song.  Beginning in similar fashion to Patterns and Light, Emergence kicks off the release in ambient style before drifting into Strike, an aptly named harder hitting piece of acid-infused electronica. The third track Son is heavily reminiscent of older Kodomo, a mid-tempo melodic number punctuated by drifting keys.

Storm King, available as a single and featured above, is an atmospheric downtempo piece that brings the release back to its ambient beginning. HEL a much more upbeat affairs, raises the energy levels and once again features the synth heavy sound that we’ve come to associate with Kodomo. Descent, a song very similar to Emergence, builds and expands on the concept.  Finally, Numbers, a powerful chord driven track sans percussion, rounds off Divider in style, bringing the release full circle to end with a downtempo flavor.  

Be sure to check out Kodomo’s interview with us ahead of the release.

Rating: 7.6/10