Having never been to Printworks previously I was unsure what to expect and things that are overhyped to the extent that this venue had been often tend to disappoint, however Printworks certainly did not.

Unfortunately I missed one of the artists I was most excited to see, Charlotte de Witte, given my own lateness and her extraordinarily early set time. However, from (my) start to finish the sets were scintillatingly on point, building in tempo and excitement in stunning fashion. Mind Against brought hypnotic astral techno to the venue which packed a punch but yet which was still perfect for early in the day. Vril followed, playing a highly accomplished and upbeat live set. UK favorite Daniel Avery stunned the crowd with an extraordinary powerful, hard hitting set whilst Rodhad did exactly as expected and devastated the dancefloor with his brand of industrial destructive techno. Finally, Maceo Plex was outstanding as ever, shifting the tempo effortlessly and twisting the crowd to his every whim. Whilst I attempted to venture towards the second room, I found myself virtually glued to the floor of the press halls by the sheer quality of the music, making it impossible to leave the dancefloor.

The lighting itself was immensely impressive with a strong play on depth of field.  The sound systems were simply stunning, with the music crisp and audible across the length of the enormous press halls. Rather than just bass heavy, the music was audible across the entire audio spectrum. Given the sheer size of the crowd at this venue you’d expect it to be difficult to navigate and there to be little room to dance, however I’ve rarely been at a venue where I felt more at ease and with more space. Logistically the venue was also stunningly on point, with practically no waiting time upon entry, enough bars at different parts of the venue, far enough away from the dancefloor as to not crowd out the space and yet also meaning punters queued for practically no time.  Even exiting the club was ease with taxi pickup points inside the venue gates. The organisers appear to have thought of every minor detail.

There is no doubt in my mind that Printworks has marked its territory as the best venue in London and quite possibly the UK and I cannot recommend it enough.