This week stepping up for the podcast we have Alae Records boss, Ivan Latyshev. Ivan is a musician, DJ, producer and label owner from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Now based in Barcelona, his is a varied and hard-to-pigeonhole sound, with a discography that stands up to the fact. Regardless of either he’s turning his hand to dancefloor-focused cuts or more ambient-inclined music, his releases always keep the listener’s focus intact throughout.

Latyshev’s latest endeavour is his new label, Alae Records. A unique project that combines a label, a recording studio and a production centre, it has been set up to ‘help professional artists find their true paths’. If this release, ‘Bypass Feelings’ is a fitting indication, it’s sure to make for an exciting ride. An EP that rolls through a gamut of emotions, it goes from melancholy to sombre to more uplifting, grandiose tracks. A record that firmly emphasises all that’s great about Latyshev’s discerning palette, it provides an intriguing look into the mindset of a producer keen to follow his own path.

1. Byron Metcalf - Preparation Pulse / Dr. bam’s Music
2. Aparde - Mouth (feat. Anne) / Ki Recods
3. Bonobo - Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa) / Ninja Tune
4. Kiasmos - Blurred / Erased Tapes
5. Hiatus - All the Troubled Hearts
6. Holy Other - Know Where (Original Mix) / Tri Angle
7. Synkro - Hand in Hand / Apollo
8. Hiatus - Origin Myth
9. Ivan Latyshev - Dying to be myself / Alae Records
10. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto - Reverso (Original Mix) / Noton
11. Jon Hopkins - Immunity (original mix) / Domino
12. Ishq - And Awake / Interchill Records
13. Maok - On a Luminous Snake / Zebra & Cloud