P.Leone -1994Ever [E-missions]

Release date: 1st April

P.Leone launches his new Brooklyn-based imprint E-MISSIONS in style with some hard hitting techno, designated for the dance floor. The EP will see both electronic and vinyl release at the start of next month.

Coast Atlantic kicks off the release with an atmospheric tone, perforated by a powerful kick drum and slow building stabs . Whilst Boil Until Pure rings with a more percussive style, punctuated with a moody chime. 

Tears is a nice tie in with Coast Atlantic with a similar, yet more ethereal feel to it. Finally, Caiazzo steps up for the remix, flipping Tears into a darker, psychedelic affair, stripping away the techno basskicks in favour of more tribal percussion.

Given the heavy dose of old school ringing through the EP, the release is very appropriately named. Here's hoping for more releases of this calibre on E-MISSIONS.

Rating: 7.6/10

[PACKSHOT A] P.Leone - 1994EVER - E-MISSIONS.png