Carsten Jost - Perishable Tactics [Dial records]

Release date: 10th February

Dial Records co-founder David Lieske (aka Carsten Jost) returns for his first album since 2001's "You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows." With a plethora of releases from heavy hitters such as Pantha Du Prince,  Roman Flügel and Efdemin, we've come to expect a lot form the Hamburg-based label. 

The album begins with enough dread to satisfy even a crack-addled Super Hans, however it quickly progresses with a cool, minimalist, hypnotic tone which somewhat dials down the impending sense of doom. The second track Ambush is rather aptly named given its chilled melodic tone followed by a stab of industrial distortion at the very end.

Atlantis II and Army Green, my two favourite tracks on the album, are mesmerising, relaxing numbers with subtle yet powerful background basslines. 

The album has a running melancholic and moody tone, more suitable for a commute to work on a rainy Monday morning than the dance floor. Yet, despite its understated tone there is clearly a militaristic theme running through the album evident even through the track list and vocal samples used throughout and the album ends as it began with an encroaching sense of darkness.

Despite the long gap between Jost's LPs, it certainly feels like it's been worth the wait. 

Checkout the full album on Spotify.

Rating: 7/10