Quickfire questions with Pablo Bolivar

We caught up with Pablo Bolivar, founder of Seven Villas and Avantroots Records, to discuss his plans for 2017, his entry into the world of electronic music and the constant evolution of his sound. With over a decade of experience, he co-produced the debut album of Hirotaka Miyamoto "Circles" as well as Muarice Aymard's "Between Stars". Bolivar was also one half of Pulshar, alongside Sergio Sainz, releasing "Brotherhood" in 2008 and "Inside" in 2010. Be sure to check out Pablo's top five track selections as well.

Tell me about your plans for 2017 – will you be releasing any music?

This year is going to be very busy, I have releases confirmed on Endless, Culprit, Peppermint Jam, Moodmusic, Suol and my own Seven Villas label. Some of them with magical remixes from Kevin Yost and Ian Pooley.

Have you got many performances booked?

Yes, I am happy to be travelling every month. Also I have my monthly residency with Creaductions in Barcelona.

Will you be playing at any festivals this summer?
The first confirmation is on June for Alkototabor Festival in Budapest. We will do parties around the city on Sonar Week as well.
Are there any festivals or clubs in which you'd like to play in the future?

There are many festival I would like to play, Sonus Festival, Dimensions or Labyrinth to name some.

Can you remember your favourite places to DJ?

I remember a club called Kakadu in the south of Russia, all times I played there it was amazing. Also here in Spain, Metro Dance Club is one of my favorite clubs in the world, the energy is fantastic.

How did you get into creating electronic music?
First I learned to DJ, then after high school I learned sound engineering. Then I started to produce music in my little studio.

So when you sit down to write music do you have a theme in mind or do you just go for it and see what happens?

Normally I know what I want, but often at some point during the process you discover a new sound or sequence and the first idea disappears. This is what I love about production, the possibilities are infinite, it's an uncontrollable process.
Let's talk collaborations.

I love to do collaborations with my closest friends. I have a new track with Garcynoise coming out on Suol before summer.

Do you feel like you’ve evolved as a musician since you started?

My sound is in constant evolution. Every track you listen gives you new ideas, at the same time I grow up and become adult, my music becomes adult too. 
Who are your biggest musical influences?

The electronic music from 80's and 90's. Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Aphex Twin. Also,  German techno like, Heiko Laux, Basic Channel, Playhouse...

What type of music do you like to listen to in your spare time?

Soft music, smooth jazz, ambient, downtempo and electrónica.
Are there are any up and coming artists you have your eye on?

I love the music that Ten Ven and Dave Pad are doing right now, brilliant!

If you had to categorise your music in terms of genre what would you call it?

Deep dance music or Deep Tech-house