Overmono - Arla II EP [XL Recordings]

Release date: 10th March

A top quality, highly accomplished release from Overmono (aka Tessela and Truss) with a diverse set of songs beautifully traversing the lines between ambience and hard hitting industrial techno. The first Arla Overmono release felt somewhat underwhelming whereas Arla II proverbially smashes it out of the park on all fronts.

O-Coast brings a melodic number reminiscent of early Aphex Twin with a powerful dark undertone, whilst Telephax 030 flips the concept, bringing dark stripped back bass to the forefront and an ambient melody playing the supporting role. In the midst, we have a dark rhythmic stomper, 16 Steps, as well as two short bridging tracks that are likely to be overlooked but bring a unique element to the EP and make it feel like more of a project than your average three track release. 

Last, and most certainly not least, perhaps the most memorable track on the EP, Powder-Dry, is a beautiful example of how music can be both mellifluous and devastating at the same time. This is certainly one of my favourite releases this year.

Rating: 8/10