Sven Weisemann is set to release his ‘Bilateral Relations’ EP via Copenhagen’s Echocord this September, comprising four originals from the German producer.

Sven Weisemann has been immersed in the underground House and Techno scene for quite some time now having started DJing in 1997 during the rise of the scene on his home turf of Berlin and going on to release material via the likes of Amsterdam’s Delsin, Mojuba, Telrae and liebe.detail amongst many more. Here though we see Sven joining the roster of Echocord, a perfect fit for his more dubbed out compositions with artists like Fluxion, Rod Modell and STL on the roster.

Sven Weisemann’s ‘Bilateral Relations’ EP is out on Echocord 8th September 2017.


  1. Lunation
  2. Bilateral Relations
  3. Monistic
  4. Decimation (Valve tR9 Mix)