To kick off our new regular feature "In Case You Missed It", we're taking a look at Overmono's Dekmantel podcast. The UK sibling duo of Tessela and Truss, aka Ed and Tom Russell, kicked off the year in style with the release of their Arla II EP - our highest reviewed release to date. Securing booking to the legendary Dekmantel festival will also see their stock rise significantly. 

Their mix last month for the Dekmantel podcast is up there with our favourites so far this year. As described by Dekmantel "far from an all out techno assault, it is a well balanced trip through reflective metal breakbeats, deep pulsing kicks and experimental electronic ambiance that leaves you suspended in space one moment and tethered firmly to the dance floor the next. Unfolding with a spaced out and dreamlike feel, this is techno but not as we know it." It's definitely one to checkout!