Underground electronic music label Minimood celebrates ten years of existence with a stunning double 12”, vinyl only release, presenting the finest dub infusions. The original comes from Luke Hess and Sascha Dive with pioneering figures Delano Smith, Steve O’Sullivan and Tobias on the remixes. For a decade now this label has contributed high-quality stripped back deep house and dubby techno to the scene, and this anniversary ep again offers high class music for connoisseur dance floors worldwide.

Luke Hess is a Detroit producer with credits on labels like FXHE and a seriously deep and atmospheric sound, while Deep Vibes label boss Sascha Dive is just as considered when it comes to reduced but impactful grooves. Their ‘Polyphonic Minds’ is nine fantastic minutes of well-crafted and dubbed out deep house. 

his is a suitably tasteful and standout EP from a label that has always dealt in music with a lasting impact, and this one is no different. Polyphonic Minds will be released on the 29th of September.


A1: Polyphonic Minds
B1: Polyphonic Minds (Delano Smith remix)
C1: Polyphonic Minds (Steve O’Sullivan remix)
D1: Polyphonic Minds (Tobias. remix)
D2: Polyphonic Minds (Tobias. ambient remix)