At Euphonics, we’ve been running a lot of Selections features from some of our favourite artists and I felt like it might be my own time to chime in. However, I felt like adding a slightly different flavor to this piece and running it entirely using techno released in 2017, expect additional pieces following selections from other genres in 2017.  

As it’s already been a stunning year as far as techno releases go it’s not been difficult to round up some of my favourite destructive techno tracks from the year thus far, however narrowing that list down to ten proved impossible. I compromised from my shortlist of fifty cut it down to eleven, eventually, after much deliberation. Sit back, turn your subs up and enjoy. 

Johannes Heil - B2 [EXILE] – This will likely be one of the least likely surprising selections. From the moment the bass kick begins you know you are in for a treat. The tune gradually crescendos into an obvious tribute to the classic old school anthem, Greece 3000, as it continue to be carried by that glorious bass kick. Around the mid three minute mark we’re graced with a euphoric moment bringing back nostalgic memories of the peak of the trance revolution. Finally, a drop - which brings about the original elements of the tune - reaches into the darkness and plucks out an intrusively harsh, yet beautifully melodic synth. This tune absolutely slays. 

Jon Hester – Neurons [ReKids] – It’s been rather difficult to not just include an entire catalogue of ReKids releases in this list and in truth, this EP alone has several candidates worthy of making the cut. However, Neurons won over its colleague - Inertia – purely because its beautifully old school keys which flit throughout the track.  

Radio Slave - Feel The Same (Floorplan Remix 1) [ReKids] – I mentioned earlier that it would be difficult to not include several ReKids releases in this list and there was no chance I couldn’t include this Floorplan remix. An interesting release in itself in that it only features Floorplan remixing the same track twice, however, the Hoods absolutely slam this remix in typical fashion with subtle bass building rhythms and vocals chopped exactly to the usual Floorplan gospel-esque blueprint.

Schwefelgelb - Durch die Haare Die Stirn [a+w XI] – After hearing Helena Hauff brutalize a dancefloor with this song I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Savage and uncompromising, this tune has the potential to unleash havoc on any crowd.

Perc - Look What Your Love Has Done To Me [Perc Trax] – This song needs a blackbox warning. After hearing just about every DJ rinse out this absolute devastator of a track at Awakenings I was left in awe and ever so slightly perturbed. From the get go it delivers a relentless level of techno fury punctuated only by an eerie vocal. This is without question an absolute weapon.

Amelie Lens – Contradiction [Second State] – What a year it’s been for Amelie Lens, she has continued her meteoric rise in style and has devastated dancefloors worldwide with her DJ sets as well as providing some of the most stomping, hard hitting, savage techno to grace us in 2017. Contradiction is the perfect illustration of that, with a smattering of acid, the song is perforated with an awesomely powerful bass kick. Deceptively simple and yet absurdly powerful, I've only ever seen this song generate the best of crowd reactions.

Charlotte de Witte- Watching [Sleaze Records] –Charlotte de Witte is another young Belgian DJ and producer who deserves praise to be heaped upon her. She has seen her dark, stripped back, uncompromising style of techno rewarded with a rapid rise to success. In an era where techno grows increasingly popular, it would be extremely tempting to hide behind commercial elements but de Witte happily eschews that in favour of her own minimalist melancholic brand of techno which leaves her nowhere to hide and requires perfection on every element in each track. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Watching, which seems deceivingly simple, but actually displays a highly accomplished producer.

Fur Coat- Sustain (Slam Remix) [Oddity] – The first words I thought when I received this in my promo folder were holy shit. It’s rarely surprising to find a harsh hard hitting song from Slam, but this knocked my socks off, almost literally given my sub is placed next to my feet.  Given that this came from the first release of Fur Coat’s new Oddity imprint, I have nothing but high hopes for this new dark tripped out techno label.

P.Leone – Coast Atlantic [E-MISSIONS] –New York-born and bred P.Leone kicked off his E-MISSIONS imprint in style earlier this year with the aptly named 1994EVER. Coast Atlantic kicks off the release with an atmospheric tone, perforated by a powerful kick drum and slow building stabs. I’m a huge fan of the EP as a whole and could quite happily have included Boil Until Pure in the list as well. With a second E-MISSIONS EP on the horizon for P.Leone, I’ve huge expectations for this up and comer.

Enrico Sangiuliano - Blooming Era [Drumcode] –It will be no surprise to see Enrico make this list, however some might be surprised that I actually prefer Blooming Era to the much awaited Astral Projection, which could have easily made its way onto this list given its absurd level of popularity. Enrico is absolutely on the top of his game at the moment and it’s rare to see a producer with such a midas touch. Everything he seems to release in the last two years has been received extremely well, and Adam Beyer and the Drumcode crew must be ecstatic to have such an extraordinary talent on their hands. Blooming Era simply has it all, groove, stomp, melody, and this is a perfect example of how masterful Enrico really is in the studio.

Amelie Lens – In Silence [Drumcode] – By including this tune I’ve broken both my attempt to limit this list to one track per artist and one track per label (although I already managed that earlier), but there is absolutely no way that this does not make the list. There is no doubt that Amelie Lens is the most exciting up and coming techno artist at the moment and this track really displays her growing talent and maturity as a producer,  as well as her obvious love for the sounds of the 303. Unlike Contradiction, which conveys her savage side from the very start, In Silence, builds, ebbs and flows. It really is one of the standout tunes of the year and I look forward to hearing it again and again and again.

O-Coast –Powder Dry [XL Recordings]  – Given the nascent state of Euphonics, this was one of the first promos I received in my inbox and I was completely blown away. Overmono displayed in the Arla II EP that techno need not only be devastating but can take unusual twists and turns in both melodic and rhythmic fashion. This will stay firmly in my crate for good and I can’t wait for further releases from the Overmono brothers.