Alejandro aka Nervouz Boy is an Italian producer with a penchant for the more refined side of the deep house spectrum. As you’d imagine from an individual who’s already gained props from the likes of Move D, his is a classy and almost effortlessly simple sound, the likes of which quite brilliant comes to the fore on his opening salvo for his own new label, ANB Independent. Entitled “My New Life”, the EP features three supple house cuts, each one as brilliant as the next. Nervouz Boy's My New Life is out now.

Stepping up to provide his favourite tracks in his locker he tells us " this is a small selection of some of my favourite records which are always present in the suitcase. I avoided putting Perlon and Little Louie Vega (MAW) because otherwise the list would be much longer!"


X. Panded Dimensions - Oweyi

This is often selected by Joe Clausell. It sounds like a song of joy, the piano ride blends perfectly with percussion. The vocal gives the it an almost sacred feeling.

Roy Davis Jr ft Peven Everett - Gabriel (Live Garage Version)

Put together by Roy Davis & Peven this track is a guarantee of success with its deep jazz and downtempo vibes.

Peven Everett - Stuck (Original Intro Edit)

What can I say about this track?! This sounds gets inside you, you could even dance with a tree when listening to this.

Glenn Underground - Afro People

I fell in love with this record when I heard it played by Theo Parrish.

Global Communication - 14:31

I call this record techno-ambient, I often hear it from Villalobos as a last track. It's 14 minutes and 31 seconds of pure mental relaxation

Sasse - Jersey

This is a 20-year-old piece. It's deep and absolutely perfect in every aspect.

Jus-Ed - Come On And Dance [UQ-013]

This was the album that made me discover and fall artistically for Jus Ed and the UQ sound. It was the summer of 2007 when Renè (Circoloco) told me to listen to this new sound.

T-Connection - Do what you want to do

Hamilton Bohannon - Let's Start The Dance (Original 12 Inch V)

Chicago - Street Player

My last three picks need no introduction. They represent the story of the funky house genre. I heard these discs from a DJ that is not well known by the general public, but who means a lot to me: Max Scoppetta of Rome, who in the early years of 2000 used these records in his after hour private series in Rome, at which I was often present.