This week in Selections, Tribal Pulse head honcho Boom Merchant steps up to deliver his favourite tracks from recent memory. The Glaswegian-born producer has had a busy year releasing tracks on Asymmetric whilst squeezing in gigs around Europe. Expect more to come with Tribal Pulse's ninth release, which features the main man himself. Tribal Pulse 009 will hit shelves at the end of the month and having personally listened to it (a few too many times), I can safely say this is absolutely one to watch for



TadIR - Sailing Rocks [Armadillo Records]

Armadillo is the new ambient label from Guy J and only a few releases in they've already put out some real quality sounds. The third release by Horizontal Excursions is worth checking out, but the first EP by TadIR is something really special. This one's the pick of the three tracks for me but all are fantastic.

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Changing Face (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Suol]

I found this in my promo folder a few weeks ago and I've listened almost every day since. MJC has made a big improvement on the original in my opinion, taking it in a totally different direction. It's a really soothing track with soulful chords and progression but really warm sub bass that carries it along.

Sosandlow - Fantasma [Nightcolours]

This track is just dominated by the huge chunky bass sequence that makes you move, and that's what initially grabbed my attention, but there's some really smart synth work throughout that always generates a reaction. Huge!

Harry Romero - Retroversy [Circus Recordings]

This one has a really infectious swing to it. Those crazy detuned synth bleeps give the whole track a mechanical and robotic edge. Harry Romero's progression into techier territory is definitely something to keep listening out for right now. 

Boom Merchant - Night Drive [Tribal Pulse]

This is the last track I did for Tribal Pulse, but on 31st July we'll have a brand new 4-track EP coming your way! This one has a powerful groove built around an analogue bass sequence that's been hyper-processed, sliced, rearranged and reprocessed to make a sound that always has always worked for me when I've played it out live.

Johnny Kaos - Hypnotizer Feat. Andrea ZU (432 Subconscious Mix) [Frequenza]

Johnny's work continues to get crazier and more psychedelic but always with his fresh techno groove driving the track. This one from his latest EP ticks all the boxes for me with big warpy synths, roaming distorion and hang drums throughout, class. Listen out for some of our joint studio experiments coming your way over the next few months!

Boom Merchant - Release [Asymmetric]

This is the heavier of the two tracks in my latest EP and the drum machines do most of the work here to create a really dark soundscape.

Klangstof - Hostage (Sasha Remix) [Mind of a Genius]

This one is a piece of absolute magic from Sasha. Perfect sunset track!