Rennie Foster’s RF label has long been a reliable source for discerning house and techno. Regardless of whether the Canadian imprint is hosting established or emerging producers, its modus operandi always revolves around music that’s sure to force an impression in the club. The label’s latest signings, VridianMusic, are proof once again of the label’s penchant for promoting quality works. Tireless, premiered here, is the third track of the Depth Perception EP.   VridianMusic is an Indian duo consisting of Vir Rattan Chowdhry & Siddhant Jain, who boast a sound that’s deeply rooted in the underground. 

Tireless, an aptly named relentless bass driven roller, is destined for dancefloors. With its firm kicks and relentless outlook, DJs will want to get their hands on this weapon as soon as it's released. The Depth perception EP is out on the 1st of September on RF Music.