To celebrate the release of Monty the Fly's "Peter's Werbs" earlier this month, the Bristol-based producer picked his favourite tracks from recent memory for us. Peter's Werbs is now available on iTech Sound System. 

Monty the Fly is as unpredictable a producer as you’re likely to encounter. Regardless of whether he’s turning his hand to off-kilter electronica or deep, sombre tones, his is a sound that’s always rich in intricate workings and captivating motifs. 

Ion Ludwig – After Ysle

Ion Ludwig has inspired me so much over the years, his music connects with me on so many levels. This track is one of my favourites from him, I love the moodiness of the vocal and the stripped back groove, the whole thing sounds so effortless.

Odd Machine – To Learn More

This track is a hard one to pin down, it’s kind of mechanical but at the same time full of life and depth. It’s really trippy and I love the vocal and how it disintegrates throughout, descending the track further into weirdness.

Svarte Greiner – Easy On The Bones

Listening to Svarte Greiner is like being transported into a nightmare. His music is almost visual and it buries into your head and doesn’t leave for a long time.

Margaret Dygas – Frankly

This track is full of surprises and really keeps you guessing. It starts off deep and subtle like you’d expect from Dygas then it unexpectedly twists and turns and just when you think you’re in one place, you’re suddenly somewhere completely different. I’m a massive Dygas and Perlon fan so this ticks all the boxes for me.

Nu Zau – Budah

This is probably the most inspiring track on the list for me. It’s got an unforgiving deepness to it and it just builds and builds and tunnels it’s way into your soul. So good!

DK – Who, What

I stumbled across this track on the internet the other day and instantly fell in love with it. It resonated with me on such a deep level and seemed to fit the backdrop of the present day perfectly.

Vid - Percutia

Sorin Rastoaca is one of the most exciting producers for me right now and this track shows off why perfectly. There’s something about the sense of balance, mood and energy that he is able to craft that seems to hit the spot time and time again.

Vinyl Speed Adjust – Not So Sure (Vera Remix)

I became a fan of Vera’s music after seeing her DJ in Berlin, I love how she creates depth in her music while at the same time keeping it quite in-your-face. This remix of hers is really ominous and there’s a creeping sense of anticipation throughout, you get sucked in by the monotony of the lead synth and it just keeps you there until the end.

Tom Ellis – Dancing Drum

This track is off one of my favourite Mindtours EPs. It’s simple but really effective and has a great energy and mood.

K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas - Hwe Hwe Mu Na Yi Wo Mpena

This is one of my favourite pieces of music, I just love everything about it.