Avid readers of Euphonics may remember we spoke to Jackie last month about "Underwater" which was released on Berlin-based imprint, Dreamers Recordings. This month Dreamers follow up in style with "Coherence" presented by Lee Renacre. 

Those well in the know should recognise Lee Renacre from UK-based house and techno group 100Hz, who've been releasing music since 1989. In this three track release, Lee Renacre features in three separate projects, 100Hz (alongside James Chapman), Junction Chaos (alongside Jules Giles) and Kronk Kollective (alongside Richard Rogers).

All three tracks carry their own distinctive flavour and despite it's varied nature, a running theme of otherworldly funk punctuates the release. It's certainly interesting to see Renacre's various projects provide their own unique spin as the release starts with a sinister tech driven number in "Slinky," before cooling the tone and drifting to a more relaxed mood in "Shade," whilst finishing in ethereal and powerful fashion with "Glory Hole." 

Coherence is available on vinyl only as of today and I fully recommend getting your hands on a copy.