Oliver Chlass returns to Lebensfreude this September with the Magic Bleeps EP, which includes an original from the main man himself and two remixes from Negativ Dekadent and Chris von B. 

The Berlin-based tech house producer kicks off the release in style with a track that oozes class, with its deep grooving bassline and floating synth notes - which likely explains the title of the EP.  The opening track, whilst upbeat and with an element of darkness, possesses enough calmness and restraint to class it as easy listening. 

Negativ Dekadent twists the record darker with his remix which is characterised by its moody atmospheric bassline, punctuated by distorted tones. Finally, Chris von B reimagines the track with a traditional techno beat-infused with floating hypnotic chords that ease off the release in pleasant, yet still upbeat, fashion. 

The Magic Bleeps EP is out on September 15th.