This week in Selections we caught up with Bucharest-born Dragosh and asked him to pick out some of his favourite and most influential beats. A prolific producer, his music has featured on some of the scene’s most renowned labels, with Desolat, Viva Music, Moon Harbour and Brouqade among those who’ve played host to the Romanian’s unique sound.

As impressive a DJ as he is a producer, Dragosh’s sets are equally imbued with passion and are every bit as unpredictable as the music he makes in the studio. His talent behind the decks has led to gigs all across Europe, with Paris, Milan, Manchester and Rome just some of the cities Dragosh he’s graced with his sound. Now residing in Milan, Dragosh is a regular at berlin clubs such as Club der Visionaire and Chalet. 

On the 20th of October, Dragosh will release his Relov EP on Dutch imprint Memoria Recordings. 

Elektric suedehead - wiredpitch

I remember when I first heard this tune I was at an after party with some friends. This is the main point of this tune: play it when you are with people you love. The nice textures are perfect for an after party. I like this tune because it perfectly combines old and new sound designs with small tribal influences.

DJ Boring - Winona

With DJ Boring you can never go wrong. When I first listened to this tune I was searching for something deep like this. Is just perfect. Every time I hear this tune played by someone it makes me enjoy the party even more. I love the house patch and the acid inside. This tune will never get old.

Bassam - Dirty 

This tune has a funny story: I was going to a gig and the driver played this tune. I never knew it before that moment, but i didn’t wanted to ask, so I was trying to take a picture of the radio screen and my flash was on. At that point the driver just told me the name of the song. 

Keita Sano - Want

I'm in love with Paragram Records because of the guy behind it, Mirko. We are long-time friends and he is the one who tells me if a track works or not most of the time. Keita did brilliantly with this track, especially the atmospherics. Imagine a sunrise afterparty and this track comes on. Wow!

DJ Spin - My My

I’m in love with funky music and all kinds of swing boogie. When I was searching for some more funky stuff this record came out and I can say it was love at first sight. It's a perfect match between funky and new school vibes. When you want to spin up some groove this tune works a treat.

Andomat 3000 - Cheepnis

I was 19 when I first heard about Andomat and I was amazed by how he can make such great music in such a simple way. When I first heard this track I was a Physics student at University and I remember going back home and turning on the stereo and relaxing to it with a beer. 

Brame & Hamo - Lamaj

I remember I played this tune some time ago at the end of my set. The effect on the people was to give them a big smile while the party was winding down. That impression is now fixed on my mind and soul, which is why I love this track.

Jean Caffeine - Jean's Afterthought

Jean's Afterthought is great! Minimal work on this tune but it's so groovy and melodic. It's amazing how Jean created the moving sound in this one - it's simple, effective and just right. I heard this track for the first time during a Rhadoo set and I tried to find it immediately after the party.

The Mountain People - Firebomb

The main reason I started to listen to The Mountain People was because I was living in the mountains at the time. I soon realised that I could spin these tracks, so I started to buy more and more Mountain People records. This was very much the ‘please tell me the id’ record at that time.

Lauhaus - Moonshine

When I was young, all my friends at the time were into other kinds of music. Once I played this track for them, they started to ask what kind of music this was. One year after, this was the party banger they all were playing. Lauhaus knows how to bring you into party mood.