Nicola Altieri, aka The Mechanical Man, from Naples steps up this week for another killer round of Selections. The newest entry to the Bosconi Records family, The Mechanical Man will see his eight track mini LP released on the 30th of September.  

Jerry Butler - I'm your Mechanical Man

Jerry Butler from Mississippi gets his hands dirty like a good mechanic, with this gem on the album "SWEET SIXTEEN" all the way back in 1974. It was right away, for me, poetry and inspiration. This track is a continuous evolution of emotions. Funk to the nth degree! Sweet voices whispering in your ear whilst listening with your eyes closed and your mind travelling. Leave wherever you are for this song's moments of pure groove and solos of powerful voices. 

Tate's Place - Burnin' (Jazzanova remix)

The year was 1999 and Jazzanova had already been captured by my heart. This song combines future jazz, broken beat in a fantastic way. In this remix for "Tate's Place" (Julie Dexter & Chris Franck) they fully fund their Club concept. This track has an incredible groove suitable for break lovers. Europe is always one step ahead in terms of electronic music and in Germany we can definitely say it's not just techno. The Jazzanova Crew, consisting of six people, had already captured the scene several years earlier in 1995. 

A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way

This track oozes 1998 Queens Style. When I heard this track it was like New York was calling and I was just a small B-boy on the outskirts of Naples, even though America was so far for us. How could you not move your head with tracks like this? I think this style of music has made its way into the story of a lot of DJs and producers.

Jazztronik – Samurai

Ryota Nozaki's  Jazztronik project manages to convey how well the union between jazz and electronic music can work. Broken cutting grooves combined with jazz melodies, fused together to create gems like this. I would listen to track like this on loop. 2005 was a period where so many experimented around electronic music, but he did it with jazz, leading to so  so many collaborations with  the likes Jazzanova, the Sonar Kollectiv and Compost Records. 

Trackheadz - Our Music

From here on out the tracks start to get a little harder and pitched a little faster. This track makes me want to close my eyes and dance. With a low, deep groove and a sample that runs continuously but never tires, it makes you never want to stop.  Played it so often by DJs across many genres but for me it will be forever an icon of the house music scene.

Mateo & Matos Presents Shades of Time - New York Style

Mateo & Matos represent New York really well. The "Shades of Time" project fully encapsulates my concept of deep house. Their tracks are defined with ubiquitous percussion and a fantastic groove. The tracks are long but never tire. The divine Joe Claussell saw fit to put out Shades of Time releases on his "Spiritual Life Music".

Vikter Duplaix - Looking For Love (bugz in the attic remix)

More and more fascinated by broken beat, i discovered bugz in the attic, a collective based in London. They put together this remix for an artist with one of the most beautiful voices, Vikkter Duplaix, who originates from the gospel choirs of Philadelphia. The hard bass guitar and wrap-around synths accompany the fantastic voice of Mr. Duplaix throughout this tune resulting in a true masterpiece. This track means a lot to me and is always present in my record bag.

The Mechanical Man - Ricominciare

Bosconi gave me the opportunity to express myself and I try to do it to the best possible way. The first release of "Mechanic" came out on the VA "The Sweetest Vol.1". In this track I tried to incorporate all my influences; breaks, deep, electronic, all mixed, trying to create a single sweet harmony. Music has always been at my side accompanying me on my long journey. Through this track I imagine a train trip and from the window I watch as all the cities that have left a mark on me race past. When the pads come in, I imagine entering a tunnel, long and dark, then my eyes close, the synths begin and the tunnel ends whilst the journey continues.

The Mystic Jungle Tribe - Wind Phenomena

The Neapolitan trident continues to launch missiles. Soul of Periodica Records' "The Mystic Jungle Tribe" keeps the Neapolitan flag high with their eclectic sound while keeping roots in funk and jazz with its obscure key. You can’t stay stop this track with its psychedelic effects and synth strings. Let's Dance!

Bop & 291out - Uomo Dalle Nuvole

This track is another gem out on Bosconi Records. Also part "The Sweetest Vol. 1" VA release. This track is a like a cosmic trip.  It's breaks alternate with fantastic straight moments accompanied by an amazing bass guitar. The accompanying synths and additional elements turn this track into a masterpiece.

I:Cube - Can You Deal With That ? (feat RZA)

Nicolas Chaix aka I:Cube, is a versatile character who produces bombs on VERSATILE RECORDS from France. This track features the legendary RZA from Wu-Tang Clan, turning it into the perfect union of electronic music and rap.