Bunny On Acid has seen releases on Botanika, Gradient Audio and Dub Fetish Records. Here, the talented musician combines dubstep and hip hop influences for his return to studio Rockers with ‘What Colours Are’, a six track sampler of his forthcoming LP ‘Scars & Memories’.

IG Culture’s remix of ‘It’s On (Feat. Amp Fiddler)’ hits hard with high octane two-step rhythms and a weighted low end which underpins captivating melodies and a hypnotic vocal before Marcel Lune’s take on the track provides jazzy synthesiser improvisation over shuffling house percussion.

Up next is ‘In A Heartbeat’ where airy cymbals and twisted vocal cuts float over impressive snare work making it a captivating addition to the release whilst sharp hi-hats and arpeggios take control in ‘X=Y’, cleverly offsetting sustained bass tones and haunting drones.

The releases title track provides chilling atmospheres, gripping chord progressions and a mesmerising vocal before the album closes with ‘It’s On (Feat. Amp Fiddler)’, lyrics take centre stage as the echoing backing singers give the track real depth on top of well composed drum loops and synthesised motifs.

Bunny On Acid’s ‘What Colours Are’ drops on Studio Rockers on 1st December 2017.