This week we've got Lowwaxx label boss Carlos Sanchez stepping up to pick out some of his favourite tunes. Producer, DJ and musician, he has played at storied venues such as Warehouse702, Clapper, Space, GOA Fabrik, Charada, Kaleidoscope, Studio 80, Kama Kama Sonar OFF and many others.  

With his deep, driving sets, Carlos is a solid concept of the timeless word musically speaking. His ability to transcend genres and trends has seem him hold one of the most consistent levels. Undoubtedly, one of the most versatile, deep and energetic DJs around.

Low-Life - Entry

I'm a big fan of Steve O'Sullivan & Ben Sims as "Low-life" and Mosaic is definitely one of my favourite imprints ever. When I want to find some inspiration, I really like to check some of my vinyl from their catalogue. When you're going into aclub and the resident DJ plays this kind of sounds, you know they are doing a serious warm up. This is a real "club-sound vibe." 

Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind

One of the best titles to translate into a song that really represents what you're listening to. It's undoubtedly "Peace of mind." I have seen incredible reactions on the dance floor with this track, from people crying, smiling, eyes closed, dancing with hands up. A true masterpiece and great influence for me and many others.

Glenn Underground - May Detroit

Pure, raw, american and full of energy. Glenn is a master, he can create a jazz record or house or techno. These pioneers were very clear that sound they wanted to leave us was a legacy. When I play this track it's pure energy, it has bags of strength.

Brett Johnson - Sight Of Relief

I think this track reflects Brett's best artistic age for me. I'm a big fan of his work, but I want to tell you about this particular track. This track will remain in my record bag forever, it's a real timeless gem.

Clever & Smart - Filtadelic

One of the best tunes written by Steve Bug & Patrick Kjonberg. A lovely mix of atmospheres and a phat bassline. A true banger for dance floor.

Dave Barker - Rocococoa

This track is madness, the melody is something sublime. This track is something amazing. In fact, I'm dancing to this record now whilst writing these answers. Dave used to make records with Brett Johnson so you can definitely hear his influence (and vice-versa). It was released on Classic, one of the greatest labels I've ever know.  

Mateo & Matos Presents Shades Of Time - New York Style

This record is packed with quality, each instrument has it's place in the mix properly/ It's a track that refreshes the dance floor.  

The Chain - Geo

I remember when I first heard this tune. Steve Bug playing it loud in Gran Canaria and I fell in love immediately! It raised the hairs on the back of my neck and is the perfect combination of strength and depth. It's a timenless record.

Rhythm & Sound with The Chosen Brothers - Mash Down Babylon

Not everything is "4x4" and I need to listen to other sounds to inspire me and of course Rhythm & Sound is one of them. I love dub sound and everything related to reggae as well. 

Tosca - Suzuki

To finish, one of my favorite albums. I put it to clean my house, cook, disconnect and inspire me. This album has magic touches everywhere and I highly recommend it.