Following the release of his San Jose EP, out on his Beartone imprint, Bearface sat down to pick out some of the tracks that most influenced him.

London has long harboured a propensity for clued-in house labels and artists. The latest such act to emerge from the capital is Bearface, the owner of Beartone Records. A producer with a knack for churning out devilishly catchy jams, his is a sound that’s quickly earning favour with both artists and producers alike.

Global Communication - The Way

Amazing dance floor music.  Minimal disco cut up.  I can always play this record no matter what.

Kraftwork - Tour de France

Futuristic, before its time.  The synth and sound design just lovely.

Herbie Hancock - Thought it was you

The synth master defines future dance music.

Mood II Swing - Do It Your Way

The way the drums swing with the bass line is sublime.  

Ron Trent - Seduction

Deep house defined.  This is on Subwoofer records, a label that was based near Ladbroke grove in London.

Ferro - Now The Stars Are In A Different Place

Discovered this recently, really works with what I like to play in a set.  Hitting the Minimal and groovy spot perfectly.

DJ Gregory - Tourment d'amour - Africanism

Sublime production from the French touch master.

Kerri Chandler - Bar A Thyme

A perfect track for house and tech heads alike.

Moodymann - I Can’t Kick This Feeling When it hits

Disco cut up magic from Detroit.

Secret Ingredients - Chicago Chicago

Another Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard beauty.