Copenhagen’s Echocord Colour returns this mid November with Brendom Moeller’s ‘Magic City’ EP, featuring four originals from the New York based artist. 

Brendon Moeller has long been a purveyor of authentic dub-infused Techno since stepping onto the scene via his 2006 ‘Sweetspot / Humpback’ EP via Echocord and has since gone on to release on reputable imprints such as Third Ear, Kimochi Sound, Delsin’s Ann Aimee, Mule Musiq and of course his very own Steadfast. Here though Moeller makes a welcome return to where it all began with some fresh material for Echocord’s Colour sub-label.

Brendon Moeller ‘Magic City’ EP is out on Echocord Colour 17th November 2017.


1. Caravan

2. Magic City

3. Magic City In Dub

4. Departure