Henry Maldonado aka Sound of Sound returns to Delusions of Grandeur for his 'No Loitering EP' this November. Henry was a key figure, involved in seminal releases on Strictly Rhythm as House 2 House, Maxi Records as Deja Vu and MAW Records as Rhythm Section. With releases dating back all the way to 1991, he has made an undeniably important contribution to the first wave of deep house.

His new release, a deep, warm grooving set of tracks littered with vocal chops, features a remix from Aroop Roy will be released on the 10th of November.

Delusions Of Grandeur is a London based label responsible for releasing raw, deep and underground house since its inception. With releases from the likes of Uffe, 6th Borough Project, Recloose, Session Victim, Tornado Wallace, Soul 223, Toby Tobias, Ben Sun, Trickski, Manuel Tur, Franc Spangler and thatmanmonkz it's easy to see why they've become such an influential imprint to so many.

1. NY Iz All I Know
2. NY Iz All I Know (Aroop Roy Mix)
3. Tight Skin