This week Jules Etienne steps up to provide us with his top five favourite tracks from 2017.  The French producer has recently returned with a three track EP, including a Jex Opolis remix, on Barcelona's finest disco imprint Apersonal Music. The 'Sounds for the garden' EP was released on Apersonal Music on the 27th of November.



1. Makybe Diva - Untitled

This was a slow jam released on Smallville. It's a very mellow, high quality production.

2. QNA - Tabor Session

This one came out a few weeks ago on Danish label True Rotary Recordings. This was released as a collaboration including my good friend Yanneck (Quarion) and is definitely one for the dancefloor which is worth checking out.

3. Adam Marshall - Low Poly Nature
Released on Maeve which is a label I like a lot. Adam Marshall always delivers high quality releases.

4. Jules Etienne - Free as a man
This is from my latest release on Apersonal Music. It features lots of instruments here. I had so much fun producing this and I'm really glad it is finally available.

5. Jules Etienne - Cuban omelette
This is another of my recently released tracks, out on Berlin´s Cocktail D'Amore label. It's a delicate affair that interweaves pattering percussion and nagging synth lines.