Listen and download Cube 40's 'Computa Melodi' - a bonus track to the recent EP 'Bad Computa' - out on TEMPLE TRAXX earlier this month. Temple Traxx, created by Khan (of Finland), is a  brand new label specializing in material from the early days of techno and house.

Khan was releasing music on Force Inc./Mille Plateaux, DJungle Fever/Structure (now KOMPAKT) or Harvest/EMI for Europe and in the States with Smile Communication, Direct Drive, or Freddy Fresh’s electro imprint Socket, besides my own Temple Records NYC, Super-8, and El Turco Loco labels.

Twenty two years later, Khan is curating a new outlet for sleazy-machine-music called TEMPLE TRAXX in homage to the pioneers and early electronic music community. 'Bad Computa' was originally released in 1995 on Temple Records NYC and is now the first 12” on TEMPLE TRAXX.