We caught up with Bologna-based deep house producer Jackie to discuss his newly released EP out on Dreamers Recordings as well as his musical upbringing. The EP, which is his first release on the Berlin-based imprint, displays his fine talents as a producer and we look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

So you're working with a vinyl only imprint in Dreamers. How important is the medium of vinyl to you?

Yes, my new EP is called Underwater and is available on Dreamers Recordings, a new Berlin-based label. I’m very happy to be a part of this project. Anyway, I think that for a DJ, vinyl is your first love and also a fundamental instrument to learn with and to understand this job.

For me, it’s also a medium to work with, because inspiration for a DJ set usually comes from the studio. Sometimes, just listening to and sampling vinyl is a good way to be inspired to start tracks too.

In general when you produce, do you follow a similar philosophy and stick with analogue hardware?

I don’t have an everyday schedule, although analogue machines are an important part of my sound. Drum patterns are of particular importance to me. For example, if I’m using a Korg Elecctribe Sx, then I separate each part using a PC. I like to connect them and see what happens during a jam session and sometimes create really interesting sounds and moods from doing just this. So I usually create analogue sounds but it’s become more digital recently due to the software.

Where are you at now with your sound? How do you see it progressing? Are you quite a confident producer these days?

Right now I’m in a good moment of inspiration; I’m happy about what has happened over the last two years and am thankful that people I respect appreciate my music. The likes of Tommy Vicari Jnr (and his bandcamp, Armadillo), the Dancin like Quagmire team, Pierluigi Abbonizio from Daphian Productions and now, Alessia Ceruti from Dreamers Recordings, have all really supported me.

Every time I produce music, it’s a new challenge of sorts, but for me this has helped me grow up as a producer. I’ve also learned that I’ll never stop learning but rather than this being an issue, I see it as a pleasure.

What can we expect to come out from you in the next year or so? Are there other labels you'd love to work with too?

I think that I will continue to study how to develop my set up, and consequently my sound; with my releases I hope to keep collaborating with the labels that I mentiond before. No less important is a new project I’m involved with called Bassa Clan duo that I hope will play an important part of the next few months.

How did the association with Dreamers first come about then? How important is it to have the support of the label?

Everything started some time ago; Alessia from the label listened to some of my stuff and then wrote to me telling me about her plans for the label.

I was excited, so I started to send some music, and create new stuff at same time. When she heard “Underwater”, we decided to create an E.P. The whole process was a pleasure from the beginning, because I felt a really strong passion for this project in every detail; from the confidence of the team, the mastering work by Gabriele Carasco at Decode Studio Berlin and the amazing artwork by Dan Elwood. Having this kind of support from the label means a lot for an artist.

Have you looked into starting your own label at all?

To open a label you need to have a concept, a message - sometimes a recognisable style of productions; it won’t necessarily be about your own tracks and sometimes you’ll be inspired by other artists. I’ve listened to some interesting stuff recently but right now it’s all just an idea. We’ll see…

What can you tell us about yourself? Who are your biggest musical influences?

I’m a guy with a strong passion for this world and this job: music is the biggest part of my day. I’d like to experiment with different styles also and not simply concentrate on house music. Working with other musicians during studio sessions would be great, and would really teach me a lot. But if I was to pick one person who really influenced my and my sound, I’d say Spencer Kincy aka Gemini.

What kind of music do you listen to in your spare time?

The car is pretty much the only place where to listen to music outside of my studio. So while driving I like to listen to some classic hip-hop from the 90s and also instrumental stuff like JDilla’s album. My father’s vinyl collection is full of soul, disco and funk so that’s great for listening to also.

What are your five favourite tunes of the last year or so?

Dj Cream – 40100

Blackness Revenge - Personal Edit (Gregory Dub remix)

Hugo LX - Breakfast At Ronnys

Ed Herbst - Modernist Melancholia

Nudge – Sette

Do you have any favourite up-and-coming artists?

There’s a lot of interesting producers that I respect and support at the moment, John Dimas being one of them. I always play lots of his productions, and they work great every time. Labels like Bassa Clan, Howl and Nil are really inspiring me at the moment; they are all releasing some really cool gems.