The Galaktika label has housed its fair share of prominent producers over the years. Based in Barcelona and helmed by Maurice Aymard, the label is notable for its consistent string of great releases as well as its dedication to pushing new talent. One such recent signing who fits into this category is Gadi Mitrani. A Turkish producer of some renown, his neat sound flirts with both progressive and tech-house sounds but also manages to maintain a sound that’s very much his own. We figured Mitrani would be just the man to give us some insight into the scene at home. Here’s what happened when we caught up with him recently.


The ‘Swirly Angel’ EP sees you return to Galaktika. What is it about Galaktika that makes it such a great place for your music do you think? Essentially, how does it feel to have the support and backing of such a trusted label?

I've been following Galaktika since they started the label, so I am so happy that Maurice Aymard has supported me. I like to experience new sounds and style when I make music, and Galaktika is a label that releases tracks that they think it is quality without sticking to one genre or style. It really fits my vision.

Can you talk us through the name - Swirly Angel. Was it just something that you thought sounded good or is there a bit more meaning to it?

Sometimes I find it really hard to name tracks. This one is a little bit funny actually; I was watching the Netflix show ‘The OA’ with my wife at the time. And the plot is about angels and there is a swirly kind of FX sound that you hear in the track.

Where does the release rank alongside other music that you've put out? Or do you tend to look at your releases like that?

For me, This EP is one of my best works. My goal is to always release an EP that is better than the one before.

Can you talk us through each track on the release a bit? Did they all end up pretty much how you imagined they might?

I am pretty happy with the result. I first produced TAOS (The Art of Sound) when I wanted to experiment with a different style that I never done before. However, with Swirly Angel I wanted to do a melodic deep prog track before I started to write the track. For ‘flyby space’, while I was doing it I was listening to Hernan Cattaneo's amazing Balance Sudbeat mix 1 compilation. So the inspiration came from that.

You're from Turkey, a country that really seems to be coming of age recently where electronic music is concerned. Do you feel the best is yet to come for the Turkish scene?

Actually, from the beginning of the 1990s, we had underground clubs and scene here. And since that time it developed a lot and progressing more every year. I am very happy and proud to be a part of it. We have really good talented young producers and DJs that will be more talked in the global arena soon.

Would you ever consider moving away for music purposes or do you feel it's important you stay loyal to where you're from and help the local scene grow?     

I am proud and happy to be a part of Turkish underground scene, and I will continue to be a part of it even I travel around the world for music or live elsewhere.

How long have you been active in the scene now? And what would you say are the biggest lessons you've learned since you first became involved? Would you do anything differently at all?

About 18 years, for 12 years as a professional. When I first started I was seeing other DJs and producers as competition, but in time I learned that they are collaborators.    

How has the scene in your home country developed and changed since you began DJing/producing?

It developed a lot and every day it is getting bigger. We have many events every week with international big names.

Where is your favorite place to perform? And why?

Right now Hypnos Hall, Klein Istanbul & Mitte Raum

The sound system and the atmosphere are very good in both clubs. Mitte Raum is smaller but has an amazing vibe.

Can you remember the track or album that made you want to create music of your own?

Yes, Depeche Mode’s ‘Violator’.

And what advice would you give to any young aspiring producers/DJs?

Respect other producers, DJs and genres. Discover new music other than electronic and dance. Be patient, It’s all about learning and experiencing new things, so always have fun

Can you let us in 5 Turkish producers whose work we should check out?

Alican - SoundCloud
Hemi - SoundCloud
Sezer Uysal – SoundCloud
Wolfson - SoundCloud
Yunus Guvenen - SoundCloud

Gadi Mitrani’s Swirly Angel EP (featuring a remix by Death on the Balcony) is out soon on Galaktika