We caught up with Tom Dicicco to discuss the launch of his latest project under a new moinker, Veyg. The credible British producer is renowned for releases on labels like The Corner, Delsin and Off Minor, not to mention his own imprints Run Out Run and Inner Surface Music. Veyg is a name that Dicicco plans to create more musically adventurous productions under, exploring rich melodies as well as different areas of house, techno, disco and beyond.

His latest release, the ‘Mutual Romance EP’ will drops on his brand new imprint, Veyg Times, on the 5th of February.

Will you carry on taking bookings or doing any productions as Tom Dicicco or will Veyg be your primary outlet from now on?

Yes, I will still DJ and work on music under my own name but my main focus now is Veyg and where that project will take me. 

How do you plan to differentiate your productions under this new moniker?

Naturally there'll still be some comparisons in the music but this isn't something I am going to force. I'm more interested in using this as a platform to explore a more musical side in my tracks, something I used to purposely suppress in the past as at the time I didn't feel comfortable exploring this side of my music, which I regret now but hey, you live and learn. I feel as I'm getting older I have a completely different outlook on music and this is something I want to reflect in the music I'm putting out as Veyg and mainly just to be true to myself.

Did you feel somewhat limited in scope in what you could produce under Tom Dicicco hence leading to launching the new project?

I wouldn't say I felt limited but in recent times I felt like I had to make tracks sound a certain way and felt myself falling into that trap of thinking certain labels like a certain sound and trying my hardest to work on 'that' sound. That's never a clever route to go down. 

Whilst you’ve launched your new project, will you be using similar production processes or switching things up in that regard as well?

I've been experimenting a lot more with my production, which I think will be noticeable in the music being released but I'm still using many of my tried and tested ways of working on tracks. It's about finding a balance in the two so that I'm still being proactive but finding new ways of working. 

If this project is all about musical diversity, would you consider yourself to have quite eclectic tastes and influences?

Yes, 100%. I listen to all genres and try not to follow trends. For me it's more important to have a good feeling or memory attached to the music than the music itself. I'm more interested in how a track makes me feel and if it takes me to a certain time in my life, sometimes in the past but sometimes sparking my imagination in the present. I usually relate a very strong memory of a time in my life to certain tracks and these are the ones I know have had the biggest impact on me. It's incredible how music can evoke such strong emotion and magnify the memories attached to that music. 

What sort of music do you listen to in your spare time?

I listen to all sorts. Sometimes I'll pick something specific out, other days I'll pick a track on YouTube and leave autoplay on and see where it takes me. I find day to day I'll pick tracks depending on my mood. I do my best to try and find new music and not constantly go back to tracks I'm familiar with. Recently I was listening to Terekke's 'Lullabies for Insomniacs' mix and discovered 'Otis' by Durutti Column, an artist I wasn't familiar with. This opened up a whole new world for me!

If you were producing outside of electronic music – what kind of music do you imagine you would be making?

I'd love to be able to play guitar well as it's such a versatile instrument. If this was the case I'd be working on some abstract jams akin to Phantoms of Dreamland by Michal Turtle or something along those lines, which still has elements of electronic music but introduces many other instruments and elements. I don't think I could ever stray away completely from synths and drum machines! 

If you had to pick a track to show off your eclectic taste, what would you choose?

Pat Metheny Group - Have You Heard

As your productions take on a more diverse nature, will your DJ sets follow suit?

Yes and again this is something I'm eager to do as it's something I've held back on in the past. There has been many occasions where I have been playing in a club and have chose to play it safe rather than play a record that might be deemed out of the ordinary, which I regret. There'll be a lot of mixes coming in the future that will give a good indication of the kind of stuff I'll be playing. 

In a couple of sentences could you give us an idea of what a Veyg DJ set might be like?

Less focus on perfect mixes and more focus on the right track for the right moment.

What’s the inspiration behind the name Veyg?

It's a play on the word vague, which is what I think when people ask me what I'm into musically and the music I make. Some of my friends have always been into a specific type of music and that's it but that's never been me so I feel this is a fitting name. 

So you’ve launched the label as well – will this just be a platform for your own releases or will there be other artists joining you?

I haven't really thought about that to be honest. I don't want to say yes or no because I honestly don't know. At this moment in time I'm focused on it being an outlet for my own music but things change, we'll see. 

Can you tell us about any future releases on the label?

The first EP 'Mutual Romance' will be in shops on February 5th and I'm just putting tracks together for the 2nd EP ready for mastering. It's proving quite difficult as compiling my own music for releases has never been a strong point of mine but I'm getting there.