This week we caught up with Welsh up and comer Harrison BDP about his productions, entry into electronic music and plans for the future. The young maestro has had a busy year with a slew of releases whilst playing gigs at various locations round the globe. Expect more to come from Harrison with further EPs and nights scheduled throughout the year. 

So firstly, what does BDP stand for?


When/where did you start getting into electronic music?

I guess I’ve kind of been listening to it indirectly my entire life as my father was always a huge house and trance head. He was always playing it around the house and in the car. I started listening to it on my own accord somewhere around the age of 14 I’d say.

When did you decide you wanted to produce?

I was around 20 when I started experimenting in making my own productions, however I didn’t really go at it seriously until I was 21, four years ago.

Was playing out a natural progression from production or was it the other way round?

Yeah I’ve definitely got 99% of all my bookings off the back of my productions I’d say, before I produced I only played out a handful of times. I always dreamt of getting gigs in foreign countries so I’m more than happy with how things are headed at this moment in time.

You've definitely been getting a lot more attention in the last year or so, was there a particular moment where you noticed that start to happen or was it quite a gradual process?

Even though I’ve been producing and putting out releases for a couple of years now I think the real turning point was when my track ‘Decompression’ went out, it seriously got the ‘ball’ rolling so to speak.

I've noticed quite a few of your tracks have hit pretty high viewing figures on Soundcloud/Youtube. In the digital age it must be nice to be able to spread your music to audiences that in the past might have been difficult to reach, would you agree?

Yeah I 100% agree with this, I always think that if I were born 10 years earlier I wouldn’t have had a chance, especially as I live in the countryside. I’m definitely thankful for the Internet and its ability to reach people quite literally all around the world.

As someone who's getting more and more attention, do you still find it strange the idea that so many people round the world have listened to your music?

Yeah its pure madness, I get people messaging me everyday about my tracks. I’ve had people from quite literally every continent on Earth send me messages about how much they love my music, it's definitely a weird feeling! I appreciate it all nevertheless.

I can't wait for the Lo-Fi showcase at XOYO in September. Have you got any particular venues or gigs that stick out in your mind for you?

The first one that pops into my mind would be Khidi club in Tbilisi; I had the most amazing time there! The people that run the club and the people who danced there are all wonderful and the club itself is simply mind blowing, you absolutely have to go there.

What does your production setup look like currently and has that changed significantly since you first started?

Currently I use a Waldorf Blofeld (my go-to synth for absolutely everything), Korg Minilogue and a PreenFM2. I then use ableton to arrange everything, plus a couple of plug-ins of course. I first started producing with just my laptop so I’m slowly building up my set-up, however I don’t like purchasing new equipment until I feel I have entirely mastered what I already have.

Is there any piece of kit that you would love to add to your setup?

I think my next purchase will probably be the Elektron Octatrack.

So what's coming from you this year/early next year in terms of releases?

Quite a lot haha! So next to be announced is an EP on Music is Love, then I have an EP coming on PIFF records, I also have a couple EP’s coming on Phonica and their sub label, those are the main ones but I also have a couple of tracks on V/As.

What about remixes or collaborations?

To be honest I don’t really enjoy doing remixes and collaborations as much as making my own tunes so there’s none of those in the pipeline yet. 

Are there any other artists out there who you particularly get along with?

I get along with every artist/DJ I meet, that’s the best part of all this for me. I’ve made some incredible friends whilst doing gigs/parting all over the place, more good times is all I want from this.

In terms of production who are the people you most look up to?

I could name a million producers, but I’ll give you my top three: Terry Lee Brown Jr, Maurizio and Kris Wadsworth. I think these guys have influenced my sounds infinitely. 

Similarly, in terms of DJing/live shows, is there anyone you really rate?

I don’t really go out that much to be honest and when I do I can’t really remember much so I wouldn’t like to answer this question.

It looks like you've been pretty busy in terms of gigs/touring lately, is that continuing late into the year as well? Anything that you are particularly looking forward to?

Yeah things are definitely looking good, I've got plenty of gigs all over the place. I'm really looking forward to playing in Rennes at the end of the month for the Pulse Msc crew. I accidentally met one of the crew when I was in Paris this onetime, he was standing behind me in a queue for a club and we kinda noticed each other, so looking forward to hanging with him and his homies.

Theres also talks of me doing a residency at one of my favourite clubs in 2018 but I’m not sure if I can announce that just yet!

I find that artists either like to label their music in a particular way or completely avoid the topic of categorisation. How would you describe your music? Or do you feel like it's an ultimately irrelevant question?

I don’t think its an irrelevant question, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I usually just say its house, disco or techno. I never go deeper than that as there's an endless supply of sub-genres out there. I like to keep it simple.