This week we caught up with New York born and raised Salvatore Carlino, aka P.Leone, co-founder of newly launched imprint E-MISSIONS. Born and raised in Brooklyn, P. Leone cut his teeth DJing in the Lower East side of Manhattan before making techno himself.

Before long the producer dropped his first two releases on Work Them Records, joining a roster spanning Radio Slave, Spencer Parker, Young Male, Anetha and Physical Therapy. Earlier this year Carlino launched E-MISSIONS with his long time friend CAIAZZO and further exciting releases are already in the pipeline.

We reviewed the label's first EP, 1994EVER, very positively earlier this year, and given the hard hitting nature of the release, it's no surprise to see P.Leone following up with a second EP of similarly uncompromising dancefloor destined tracks. Discipline Signals is out on E-MISSIONS in September and includes remixes from Work Them Records head honcho Spencer Parker.

Tell me when did you decide to get into production and why?

It was around 2011-2012. I never really expected to become so obsessed with production just because it's such a big hill to climb and in the beginning it just felt so intimidating that it made me want to give up and also produce more and more to learn everything about sound design that I could. An added bonus about learning through trial and error like I did is you learn some pretty unconventional shit to make cool sounds.

 What made you decide to start a label?

I think for the same reasons many do; I wanted an outlet to put out a record any time I wanted to as long as my partner Caiazzo and I thought it was good.

Tell me the story behind your artist name and also the record label’s name.

My artist name is homage to my family’s pizzeria that I grew up working at in south Brooklyn. The label name - Caiazzo and I were bouncing names back and forth and mine were pretty shitty haha, and when C hit me with that it was a done deal I knew I needed to run it.

I really enjoyed the first two releases I heard from E-MISSIONS – what’s planned for the coming year or so?

So 002 is set to be in shops September 1st, 003 will be an EP by Caiazzo with a remix from White Material label head - Young Male! 

Do you have a particular vision for the label?

Just continuing to make progress and grow at a steady and smooth pace is the dream.

What about yourself, will you be releasing on any other labels?

Working on it :).

What about playing out – have you got some DJ sets booked?

Hoping to be playing out a lot more in 2018, for now I'll just keep pumping out records.

After listening to the first two releases and those on Work Them, I feel like I have a fairly good understanding of your sound. How would you best describe it?

I'd say I do my best to keep shit pretty uncompromising with DJ’s in mind, I don't love a record that's hard to play in a club.

Has it always been that way since you started producing?

I think the more time I had on with production, the more I felt that way.

I heard that you’re moving to Berlin– is that because you feel like it’s the best place to grow your label and career as a techno artist?

Like most artists in my genre there's little not to love about Berlin, I think it's the right time in my career for me to make the move and do my best to stay focused on moving forward

Do you know people out there already or will you be starting from fresh?

Definitely thankful for having friends out there, it was at Panorama Bar when I met Spencer Parker for the first time and later would release my first record on Work Them [Records] the following year. We've always kept in touch throughout and he's been a supportive friend/mentor and I'm always asking him for advice haha ...always.

So you’re from New York, tell me about the techno scene out there.

I think its forever evolving opening up more and more lanes for newer artists on the come up in New York, which is a beautiful thing. It's nice to see heads go above and beyond to throw and curate proper techno events in Brooklyn which is mainly where anything good takes place always.

What are your five favourite tunes from the last year or two?

Spencer Parker – Shape Deviation

Young Male – Drug Deal Videos

Milo McBride - Cruh

Caiazzo - Lowbrow

Lawrence Lee – There Will Be Blood