This week we caught up with AWB to talk about his latest release 'Kinetic Lullaby' out now on his Taapion Records imprint. A key figure in Paris' Techno scene, AWB teamed up with Shlømo & PVNV to form Taapion, a platform for their own work and that of artists whose work they admire like Sterac, Conforce, Antigone or Francois X.

Production wise, he released his solo debut EP 'Celestial Longitude' on Taapion one year ago. He followed this with releases on Soma and Raw Imprint, both on various artists EP. His sound oscillates between deep & atmospheric techno and broken beats, with film scoring influence.

AWB makes a precise and intimate techno flow who seduces the dancefloor, mixing new and old vinyls range from deep, intricate techno, through an acid and groovy darkness with some melodic gems along the way. He made his debut at Berghain in May 2017

Starting off, where does the name AWB come from – does it stand for something?

It’s related to my other passions, the photo / Video , its a feature a digital cameras related to the colour balance (Automatic White Balance) .

Let’s talk about the name of the new release, Kinetic Lullaby

Everything came from the melody I found for this track which has named the EP. 

I had the image of something related to childhood, in between a carousel and a baby mobile playing given a mesmerizing mouvement affecting dreams. And this actually influenced all the story and so the names of the tracks. 

Tell me about how this release was made

Loops and Melody I make are often made while I'm travelling.  Kinetic lullaby was made on a train without sleep after a gig in my hometown. I have to say that I often fall asleep when playing loops… this one and Lackadaisical was terribly efficient. 

Later on I do everything in my home studio. I basically used Ableton for almost everything as my external gears are mostly effects.  I have a small Eventide family now, with the PitchFactor and Space Pedals and also the Eclipse which is a multi-effect processor. I also use my Roland Tr-606 for some tracks. 

How did you initially get to know Shlømo and PVNV?

In 2012 I was responsible for booking some lineups for a summer party in Paris. I got to Book Shlømo that year and I stopped this job after that summer season, as the artists that I had to book were less and less like what I was really interested in. After that I kept contact with Shaun and we were actually working near each other and we started having lunch sometimes, talking about music and common tastes. After that we started thinking a about a project we could achieve together and at the moment we thought about a label (early 2013), Shlømo introduced me to PVNV who was a friend of his and had exactly the same state of mind. 

When you launched Taapion did you have a vision for the label?

Well yes, It has always been something related to story telling and textures.

If so, has that shifted since it started or do you think you are still very much doing the same things?

I think we evolved of course, who doesn’t. But we keep the same spirit I think even if we’re going a little harder at times. 

What do you see the future of Taapion? Will it continue as is or will it change/evolve?

It's hard to say, it will evolve, or at least it will grow. We thought about making chapters with the evolution of the label. From the TPN007 we got through the second chapter already which was more introspective. Maybe we’ll open up the label to a new artist as well. 

Over the years do you have a favourite release from Taapion?

I think TPN003 by PVNV was the most beautiful one as well as the Conforce’s remix on TPN001.

What about your own music – do you have a favourite release?

I think my last one TPN009 is the EP I could the most proud of. I really got into different styles that defined my personality well. But its only my second full release so far so I don’t have much background to look at. 

Even if I have some tracks released on VA or compilations, it's never like the opportunity of telling a story through three or four tracks. I can now imagine how hard it is to work on a coherent album. 

If you could pick any artist to remix your work, who would you choose?

I would be very interested in listening to my sound reshaped by Rrose or Dorisburg

Similarly if you could pick any artist to collaborate who would you choose and why?

I think my dream would be to have just a week in the studio with Monolake. His sound is perfect on every point. It's the cleanest surgery of electronic music.

You made your debut at Berghain this year, how was that?

Incredible, intense and game changing. I actually asked my older sister, who got me into electronic music, to come over.

I knew it was not something she ever planned to do (go to Berghain), but she was there dancing during my whole set. And this (still) gives me a feeling of accomplishment to see her proud of me.

Do you have any other exciting gigs coming up that you can tell us about?

A new project will see the light with my brother Shaun (Shlømo), during our Australian tour in January. I will also make my Debut in Georgia on the 22nd of December.

If you had to describe your musical style in several words, how would you?

Hmm… emotion, groove , cinematic… haha, it's a really hard question! 

If you had to pick some significant records out of your bag, what would you choose and why?

The first that come to my mind is 'Midland & Pariah - Untitled 2 [SHEWORKS003]' because I can’t find it anymore and it's driving me mad! 

My second choice would be 'The Vision - Detroit : One Circle' as it's although it's a classic, it always give me the same satisfying feeling when I'm playing it.

Thirdly, something which is not Techno at all but 'The Soft Moon' with  their album 'Zeros'. I listen to it once a month because it's so inspiring. They actually blew my mind in 2012 during a festival in France call 'La route du rock.'