We caught up with Fresh & Paid Records head-honcho, Native Origin, to discuss his new EP '28 Nights,' as well as his production process and entry into electronic music. Beginning his DJing career in the early 90's, he has always championed an eclectic sound and with the launch of Fresh & Paid, he continues to do so, with music from across the electronic music spectra expected to release on the label.

How did you first get into electronic music production?

I reached a point where DJing wasn’t enough. It’s like I had beats inside my head all the time that were going to drive me insane if I couldn’t share them with others. Music is my therapy. What’s your background in music, do you play any instruments or did you just launch straight into the electronic scene? I started going to electronic shows when i was 13 and got my first set of turntables at 14. I made that my whole life until getting into production a few years ago.

So your last release was quite eclectic in terms of electronic genre – is that something you aim for?

With that particular release it was definitely my aim. I wanted something that was different and encompassed my love of all genres over the years.

Is there any particular style that you favour for productions?

I love Drum and Bass when I feel especially creative.

What about music that you listen to – what sort of things do you listen to in your spare time?

Conscious Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, classic rock, and house music.

Tell me about your studio setup

It’s pretty basic. I have two Numark TTXs with a Traktor Z2 mixer. I also have a Mac Pro that I write all my beats on using Ableton and sometimes Logic. I also have NI Maschine, and Ableton Push, as well as an Akai MPK 49. I export everything through Pro Tools on my PC.

I enjoyed your latest release, in particular Calvin Klein – it didn’t take too long to figure out the inspiration for that song. Is that a common trope through your productions?

The funny part is that I am sober actually. However, that song is a metaphor for the ups and downs of being in the music industry. When things are going good you’re on top of the world and feel like nothing can stop you. When they’re not going on the direction you hope, you feel like you’re in a hole you can’t escape from but sometimes in this hole you find your biggest sources of inspiration. It just so happens that the two together made a good song club kids could relate to.

Tell me about your name – how did you come up with that?

I wanted to create an identity that represented my love for all genres of dance music which really originated in Denver as I am a Denver native I wanted to represent my hometown as well where it all started!

What’s on the agenda for you in terms of releases?

My label, Fresh & Paid is in it’s first year. I have another E.P. on the way in December and a couple releases planned for other labels. I also have releases for two of my artists planned in late November. It’s a multi genre label so we should be very frequent once things are up and running!

What about DJing – do you have a busy year ahead?

I actually just finished up all my events for the year. I will be doing a radio show in L.A. potentially in November as my last gig for the year. It’s cold and snowy in Denver so I plan to spend time indoors until March building the label and writing some great music so I can return in Spring.

What are your five favourite songs from recent memory?

Disco Surprise by Audio Jacker
As You Are by Jo Paciello
Together now By Native Origin
So Good by Someone
Our Lights Shine by Drunken Kong

Do you have any particular favourite up and coming artists?

I am a huge fan of Alison Wonderland I absolutely love her music. Lately I have also been feeling Groove Delight, Purple Disco Machine, Ben A., Sacha Robotti, and Todd Terry