Out of Mind Records head honcho, Philip Bader, took time out of his busy schedule to talk about the progression of the label, his own journey through electronic music and his love of all things techno. The Berlin-based DJ and producer has been at the top of the tech house game for the last decade with releases on Get Physical, Saved, Moon Harbour, Gruuv, and Electric Avenue. His own imprint Out of Mind has rapidly gained respect with releases from Kaiserdisco, ONNO, Mennie to name a few. Expect further releases and remixes from Uner, Rob Hes, Reset Robot and Andrea Oliva over the coming year. Philip also steps up for the first guest mix on the Podcast which can be found here.

Thanks for chatting to us –  I've just been listening to Uner's "Different Dimensions EP," it’s sounding great.

I love this EP! It’s very different to some of the previous releases on Out of Mind.

Let’s talk about the label – you’ve released on a lot of great labels over the year, what inspired you to start your own?

I've changed my style quite a lot, I was obviously very focused on tech house but Out of Mind has allowed me to move into the world of techno. Up until now the label hasn't really been techno focused, but now we are heading in that direction. I’ve been searching for the right style and I felt that launching my own label was a good way to transition. Also, I have lots of great contacts and friends throughout the world of electronic music and I wanted to use this as a base to start my label and support up and coming artists as well.

The label really started out as a mixture of tech house and techno but now we are starting to progress towards only straight techno which makes me really happy. It was very hard to change styles but I want to get deep into the techno scene and bring my label with me.

Tech house was getting a little stale for me, lots of people use the same sample packs so it wasn't varied enough for me anymore. Techno is far more focused on the sound and it requires a lot more work, it’s definitely a bit of a step up in terms of production.

Do you have a vision for the future for the label?

Yes, I really want it to be a good mixture of old and new artists. So many of the big labels only release music from big names, but I really want to support the up and coming talent.  Of course there will be big names releasing on the label too. One of the perks of being label boss is it means I can get my hands on a lot of music so I can remix it.

Berlin is a great place to be at the moment, there is a great community of artists here. I have my studio in Kater Blau and there’s about 10 studios nearby with lots of cool artists. But also I work a lot with Martin Eyerer in his amazing studio which is part of the Riverside Studios. also there are great artists next door like Pan-Pot,Tobi Neumann and many more . Its an amazing place for idea exchange .

So we have the Uner release coming out pretty soon – what else is on the cards for Out Of Mind in 2017?

I will be releasing something in about one month called H24 – it's a techno release. You can probably tell I'm really enjoying the techno scene at the moment.

Are there any artists you are particularly excited about on the label?

Rob Hes - he’s very exciting and is getting a really big following at the moment. Martin Eyerer – again he’s really starting to get a lot of attention.

Outside of your label, what other artists are you really enjoying at the moment?

I’m loving Amelie Lens at the moment as well as Pan-Pot. Also. I also have to mention Lek Faki, Luca Agnelli, Enrico Sangiuliano, Luigi Madonna and Marco Faraone.

What were your favourite tracks of the last year or so?

I’m terrible at remembering track names but the ones I can remember are “Paralyzed” by Amelie Lens which is fantastic, I really dig all the tracks coming out from Pig & Dan, not to mention Pan-Pot & Martin Eyerer’s “Consequence”. I think I played “Cobra” by Kaiserdisco at every single party in recent memory.

What about you – will you be releasing any music on other labels?

I’ll also have some releases coming out on OFF Recordings and Second State.

Will you be hosting any events for Out Of Mind? Maybe a festival stage or something like that?

This is something we working on at the moment, we have an awesome location in mind for some parties this year in Germany. We’re also planning to bring Out of Mind to London and Paris. We’re building a great concept to bring to different cities.

Will you be playing out much in the next year?

I’ll be playing some festivals in Germany, I’ll have a tour of the USA which includes two festivals. There’s also my South American tour coming up too.

What started your interest in electronic music?

I started DJing when I was 16 with one record player, scratching hip hop. Then eventually I bought a second deck and some techno records. I remember an old girlfriend of mine took me to a techno night when I was 17 and I thought this is it. I fell in love with the music from there and learned how to mix records. Eventually I had a gig when I was 18 and it was amazing. After a while DJing I started to go to the studio and learned a lot about production. Even now, I’m learning a lot in the studio and on the decks.