Dead Intent duo Nemso & Darkvibes spent time with us to discuss their rapidly expanding career as producers, DJs and their record label Brawlin Beatz. Since November 2015 when both Dead Intent and Brawlin Beatz were formed, they have been providing fans with monster rolling tracks. With a lot of ammunition coming out in 2017, Dead Intent and Brawlin Beatz are ones to watch.

With a combined DJ career of 27 years, it’s no wonder Dead Intent have been smashing up dancefloors and airwaves across the UK. The duo first met when they moved into the same house as their girlfriends and quickly discovered their mutual love of DNB. Constantly DJing b2b in their spare time, they set their sights higher and got a regular slot on the Filthy Habits DNB show, where they gained a big following for over 3 years.

As well as dominating the airwaves Nemso and Darkvibes frequently played out at nights such as, Half Cut and Beat Down, in their hometown Tunbridge Wells. During those events the duo were accompanied by their good friend MC Remza. Tragically, MC Remza had an untimely death in 2010. With the spirit of Remza behind them, the duo formed Dead Intent and continued to get noticed in the scene by their DJing skills. Winning DJing competitions seems to be a breeze for Dead Intent. Main stage at Nass Festival went off with a bang when the duo touched down, and their winning entry for the remix competition of Krusty – ‘Killer Clowns’ on Sub Bass Physics label highlights their creativity and high production value. Make sure to tune into their weekly radio show on TF Live every Thursday 6-9pm for their latest dubplates.

Unhappy with the way the jump up scene was heading Nemso and Darkvibes started to take producing seriously and created Dead Intent, alongside the record label Brawlin Beatz in November 2015. Growing up loving the sounds of the jungle fused, deeper rolling jump up tracks, Dead Intent set out to recreate this sound in the modern DNB environment. Listening to their back catalogue of tracks is nothing short of what you’d expect; heavy rolling dark basslines with jump up twists - it’s hard not to reload.

Whilst chatting to Dead Intent, their passion for production and love for DNB in general is obvious.  Being true scholars of the production game, they organised a tutorial and mastering session with the jump up master Heist. “We learnt how to really clean up tunes and master them” says Nemso, ‘Heist taught us how to truly care about production”. This session has proved invaluable for the duo as they have graced the DNB scene with huge tracks such as ‘Turn & Twist’, ‘Gunfire’ and ‘Monsters’. Nemso tells us “DNB isn’t always a big money earner, so we are in it for the love. As soon as we get bored we will stop!”. We at Euphonics hope they don’t get bored anytime soon!

Brawlin Beatz is growing from strength to strength and has been showcasing some very talented artists, such as Gravit-E, Konz, Bou, Teej, Dutta and Salter. All these artists compliment the record label perfectly with their mastery of dark rollers with rumbling basslines.  Brawlin Beatz has received support from Playaz head honcho DJ Hype and big names in the ever-growing Eastern European jump up scene such as Kenji. This support is well deserved and with growling rolling tracks such as ‘Family Secret’ by Konz, ‘Damn’ by Dutta and ‘Marrow’ by Bou & Teej ft MC Haribo, the Brawlin Beatz family are smashing up the scene.

Brawlin Beatz have got a busy schedule of releases coming in 2017 that we are thoroughly looking forward to hearing. Nemso tells us there is an “old 94 style jungle album coming soon and a Brawlin Beatz tunes remix project with tracks from Bou and Raz”. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on their social channels for updates on release times. 

When was Dead Intent formed?

We first formed back in 2007, when we started out as just Nemso b2b Darkvibes on an internet radio station called 'Noise monster FM'. We then collated under the name Sinister Addiction, for several years until we went back to Nemso & Darkvibes. We started Dead Intent properly in November 2015 when we started seriously producing. 

Who have been your biggest musical influences over the years?

In the DnB scene it must be DJ Hype as he’s one of the original pioneers of the sound. He's had a major impact on the growth of the scene, sound over the years and is still a heavy influence on it. Especially with putting out new music and pushing through big new artists. The scene wouldn't be where it is today without Hype and Playaz. 

Outside of DnB, it would be Dr Dre. He’s definitely one of the biggest producers of our time. 

What five DNB tunes stood out for you in 2016?

Potential Bad Boy - Revolution

Dimension - UK 

Damageman – Shoot Out

Break - Who Got Da Funk

Agro - Noise Complaint (Dominator Remix)

If you could to compare yourself to any other DNB artist who would it be and why?

I wouldn't compare us with these two, but Hype and Andy C would be ones to aspire to. These guys have dominated for so long and constantly go from strength to strength. Both have built up amazing labels with the extremely talented camps. Being DJs, producers and now label owners, these guys are definitely something we aspire to be.

Are there any artists in particular that you would love to collaborate with?

DJ Marky as we love his Brazilian style and flow. We could make a happy filthy roller with him

Do you go into the studio to make a specific style or do you experiment and find a sound you like and run with it?

Generally we would go in the studio with an idea in mind but sometimes things just happen. We could be trying to make a jungle tune and all of a sudden we make a filthy womp and it's heading in a completely different direction. 

Your diverse back catalogue includes DNB, jungle, liquid, garage and jackin house. How important is musical vocabulary for a producer?

Variety in tune making for us is very important as we love all styles of DNB. Otherwise we could get bored just making jump up. Production can be very repetitive if you’re not mixing it up. 

We love your deep roller fuelled jump up tunes at Brawlin Beatz. What is it about this style that seems to be growing in popularity in the DNB scene?

The roller sound has been around for a while; artists like Origin, Pleasure, Heist etc. have been dropping tunes here and there for many years now. We've always loved this style of DNB but there weren’t very many people doing it. Over the past couple of years, we've seen some artists pushing this sound and calming down the filthy jump up, resulting in this newish sounding style of filthy rollers. It's a mix of jungle drums, jump up and tech.

Do you encourage your artists to create a certain sound or encourage creative freedom?

We do aim to mainly put out filthy rollers. Artists we speak to tend to send us tunes complimenting this sound. However, we are always open to tunes that may be a little harder or just different. Kenji has provided some good fire forthcoming on the label.

Have we got any new releases to look forward to?

We have releases from Teej and Dutta dropping very soon, a banging jungle EP from various artists, and a remix EP towards the end of the year from various big names and up and comers. Lots and lots to watch out for on Brawlin. We’re keeping busy. 

You have some rising stars in your camp, shall we keep our eyes peeled for more signings?

Yeah, we've got lots of guys coming through and signing. One guy to watch out for is Teej. He's got a great style that suits us well. There are lots of other talents but you will have to keep watch of the Brawlin Beatz SoundCloud.

What would your DJ superpower be?

My (Nemso) superpower would be to mix and blend airwaves to hypnotise my enemies into doing what I want. Darkvibes would come in with a supersonic redline to blow them away!

Tell us about DNB aerobic classes you’ve mixed at before

Yeah, seeing around 60-70 people dancing/working out to DNB that more than likely usually wouldn't is good fun. The age ranges from about 6-60 and everyone seems to love it!