Release date: 24th February

 Eric Dulan's (aka DJ Bone) first album released under his new alias "Differ-Ent" certainly packs a punch.The album certainly lives up to its name in being pretty far removed from Dulan's trademark sound. Continuing on from other Differ-Ent releases, such as M.O.M back in 2015, many of the tracks have a distinctly more aggressive tone than the classic Detroit sound associated with DJ Bone.

Thematically, the album is a bit scatter-gun, moving through chilled out numbers like "A Calm Bliss" to more hard hitting stripped back tribal techno like "Inhabit Tense".

The album is also perforated with trance infused, synth heavy techno tracks such as "Fasten 8 Shun". However, perhaps a running theme throughout is an unimportant point given Dulan's new choice of moniker.

Differ-Ent seems to have found his home returning to Bristol-based Don't Be Afraid, whilst  apparently turning down a number of high profile labels, according a recent interview. 

While it's certainly not my favourite of Dulan's releases, there is a lot to be said for an artist rejecting the main stream and stepping away from tried and tested formulas in favour of new experimental music. Perhaps as the title suggests, it really is good to be different.

Rating: 6/10